A Song and a Dance

Just before launching Beancat & Co I was starting to fret a little about how to enforce its core values. When I shared this with my husband he said “well it all depends on how much of a song and dance you make about it”. And though it might make me sound like a real contrarian, I knew then I had to do exactly that. So here it is, a song and a dance…

​✺ Ethical

My personal approach has always been to prioritise quality over quantity, I have a tendency to choose a brand or a product and stick to it so it needs to be practical, built to last and ethically made. I use the same values and principles when sourcing and creating items for Beancat & Co and seek out brands that share the same standards.

​✺ Sustainable

I am sure you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I was raised by a flower child. Although I fully rebelled against all “that hippie crap” in my punk teenage years, once I grew up I was thankful to have been taught to try and look out for each other and for our planet. I consistently monitor new ways to reduce waste and ensure all our products and packaging are as eco-friendly as possible.

​✺ Handmade

Another component of my DNA comes from a small village of artisans and craftsmen who often collaborate, share their tools and pass down their knowledge over generations. (They were definitely not hippies, it’s just how things are done in a village of 99). I love showcasing talent and craftsmanship and strongly encourage you to look at the artists and creators’ own websites to discover more of their work. We are a community, not competitors.

​✺ Unisex

Not every girl likes pink. I‘ve always felt that the best gifts are those gifted with the person and the individual in mind but it can be difficult to change perspectives and very tempting to grab what major retailers tell you to. My native tongue describes every object as feminine or masculine and I would argue that gender is definitely a construct.